From The Director

Samsul Alam, CDFM (Certified Defense Financial Manager) M.S. (Hig. Edu. Adm.) B.A. (Math & Linguistics), A.A.S (Bus. Adm)

Welcome to Orion Security Training School. It is my pleasure to share with you all the wonderful things that await you at Orion. Orion offers a variety of Security Courses including school security and we strive to meet the needs of our clients as well as individuals’ need. If you don’t see it in our catalog, please ask us to customize a program to meet your needs.  All of our instructors are retired/active reserve senior US Army Officers.

Orion is a small security training institution and we pride ourselves on being a small because historical data suggests that our students excel and often find themselves to be leaders on security industries. In addition to New York State Department of Criminal Justice’s programs, Orion offers clients’ support services that are designed to help business succeed such as advising, counseling, surveying, hiring/firing, finger printing, obtaining licenses, and much, much more to make our client to success. If you’re looking for stop loss at your business, you can make a difference here at ORION because its experience that meets your needs. If you have any questions, call us at 518-774-0220 or 518-705-4349 (leave Message) or e-mail. I look forward to teach your employees for increasing your profit.


Orion Security