16 hours on the job training (General)

Once you successfully complete this course, you will be able to file your security guard license application to obtain your guard card.  The 16-Hour On-the-Job Training course (OJT) is the second required course for Security Guards.  The course must be completed within 90 days of employment as a security guard. Currently, you may take this course using online. LIVE, online classes are available weekly, via Zoom. as NYS DCJS has been approved. Therefore, you must pre-register prior to attending online LIVE.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Samsul Alam Samsul Alam Author

CDFM (Certified Defense Financial Manager) M.S. (Hig. Edu. Adm.) B.A. (Math & Linguistics), A.A.S (Bus. Adm)

Cost: 16 hours on the job training (General)

180 days of access

This course does not have any sections.
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